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Mahon Curado D.O., Spain – From the Isle of Menorca, this is a firm pasteurized cow’s milk cheese. The flavor is wonderfully nutty, deep, and long-lingering.

Grand Val Manchego, Spain – Made with the milk of La Mancha sheep, 12 Month Manchego is sharp in flavor though mellows out in the finish.

Garrotxa Goats Milk, Spain – A light and delicate, semi-soft goat’s milk cheese, like a young gouda style. Beautiful white paste is covered with a deep gray rind that is often mold-speckled.

served with baguette, honey, fruit compote, and fresh fruit. additional bread $1


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None, Jamón Ibérico – $5.25, Duck Prosciutto – $4.50, Peppercorn Duck Salami – $3.50, Prosciutto Di Parma – $3, Wild Boar Salami – $4

Extra Bread:

No, Yes


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